General Anesthesia

Modern anesthesia technology now makes it possible to safely perform even complex surgery in the dental office. Current medications have significantly improved the anesthesia recovery time, allowing patients to resume normal activity sooner. Many patients can be safely discharged home accompanied by a responsible adult in as little as 30 minutes after their anesthesia.

Dr. Cutright, as a board certified oral surgeon has received extensive hospital based anesthesia training. This training included techniques for providing anesthesia for procedures as simple as a skin biopsy to as complex as a kidney/pancreas transplant. Dr. Cutright is certified in both adult and pediatric advanced cardiac life support. The anesthesia safety record established by board certified oral surgeons is second to none.

All of Dr. Cutright's surgical assistants have completed (or will be completing) the voluntary Certified Anesthesia Assistants education course provided by The American Association of Oral & Maxillolofacial Surgeons.